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I still can’t believe it. But this is what Wikipedia is all about. It is your real-time history book. It will not miss developments about certain topics, personalities, and in this case, a popular Filipino band in the 1990s. Someone out there will eventually add information to it. Curiously, I went to check the Eraserheads on Wikipedia. And viola, there it was, a long entry on the launch of this book with annotations. Based on Wikipedia’s history, it was Perryv who made this entry. Thanks a lot, and I hope they find this blog soon, haha.

On February 28, 2007, the official launch of the book Tikman Ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads (2007) was held at the second level of Powerbooks bookstore in Greenbelt 3, Makati City.[19][20] The launch was accompanied by acoustic performances by Cambio (whose members include Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Kris Gorra-Dancel), Markus Hiway (Marcus Adoro’s band), and Lei Bautista of Prettier Than Pink.[19] The performers covered Eraserheads songs such as “Ligaya” (performed by Lei Bautista),[21] “With A Smile” (also performed by Bautista)[21] and “Magasin” (performed by Cambio with Marcus Adoro).[19] The event was dubbed a mini-reunion of the Eraserheads, with Marasigan, Zabala and Adoro performing together for the first time in four years.[19] Ely Buendia did not attend because of a scheduled meeting with his surgeon and the manufacturers of the stents in his heart.[20] The launch was attended by around 50 people.[19]

Tikman ang Langit is a collection of essays about the Eraserheads originally written by fourteen journalists who are mostly fans of the band.[19][20] The book itself was compiled by Melvin Calimag and Jing Garcia, with a foreword by Eraserheads producer Robin Rivera.[19][22] Tikman Ang Langit is considered to be the first published material about any Filipino band in the Philippines.[19]


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Si Abi Ho, kapwa contributor sa Tikman Ang Langit, ang nagbalita nito.

check this out: http://www.friendster.com/19567135

i don’t know this girl. i just came across her
friendster page while googling mentions of our book in cyberspace. what do you know? nagiging favorite book na tayo ng mga tao! hehe.

Ayon sa kanyang profile, s’ya po ay si mAits dOs- ocampo, 18 years old at isang musikero. Mabuhay ka mAits! Sana dumami pa kayo. hehe.

Review ng libro

Sa isang katulad ko na “hindi talaga fan ng E-heads,” ang latest review ng Tikman ng Langit ay isang eye-opener. Sige aaminin ko na. Masyado akong exposed sa Western music noon kaya “Puro quotation lang ng nabasa nya sa mga website na nakita nya. Natural, dahil hindi naman sya fan ng E-heads.” Salamat sa honest opinion mo. Natumbok mo, pre or mare (ano ba talaga?). Pero talagang natuwa ang mga nagbuo ng libro at very honest ka sa iyong pagpuna ng libro. Okay yan. At least na-promote mo pa din kami 😉

Ang tanong ko lang, eh, sino ba si Boy Dapa?

Sa totoo lang, madami ang nagtataka bakit kami pa ang napili na magsulat ng anthology tungkol sa bandang ito. Well, I was at the right place at the right time. Swerte talaga. Wala lang. Anyway, salamat uli sa mga bumili ng libro. Ito ay available sa Powerbooks.

Nasa INQUIRER.net tayo

Salamat ke Alex Villafania sa pag-feature sa book launch on INQUIRER.net. Eto excerpt:

MANILA — Five years since the original Eraserheads split up, three of the members have again met for a little gathering that culminated in the launch of the very first book about the legendary band.

Buddy Zabala, Marcus Adoro and Raymund Marasigan were present at the Powerbooks Greenbelt 3 to support “Tikman ang Langit,” the book that is considered as the first published material about any Filipino band in the Philippines.

For the 50 or so people present during the launch, they were treated to almost an hour of Eraserheads rendition by Lei Bautista of the band Prettier than Pink. But the ultimate moment during launch was when Zabala, Adoro and Marasigan, along with members of the band Cambio, played “Magasin.” It was the first time that all three played together after a four-year hiatus.

The closest thing to an E-heads reunion

Marcus Adoro jams with Cambio

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the book launch. It was the “closest thing to an E-heads reunion,” as one journalists described it.

Buddy Zabala, Raymund (Raimund) Marasigan and Marcus Adoro were together again finally after years of separation. Not as a band, mind you but as a group of mature musicians who still share the same passion for music.

Adoro with his band Marcus Highway gave visitors, the book’s contributors, and guests an afternoon treat, playing acoustic renditions of their original songs. “Drive through,” a fast rock song played mostly with quick power chord transitions reminded me of Green Day. Adoro who looked like the modern day Bob Dylan rendered slow acoustic jams love, frustration, and angst. At the end of the jam, fans swarmed to get his autograph (including me of course).

Check out this video from INQUIRER.net

About 50 or so people attended the event with a few coming in and out. A lot of the Powerbook’s patrons were surely curious about all the noise emanating from one corner of the bookstore. The launch happened in Powerbooks Live! in Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. Lei Bautista of Prettier Than Pink did a Joni Mitchell playing an old Eraserheads songs “Without A Smile” alone with her guitar and lovely voice.

Cambio — a super band that includes former E-heads members Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan, also played some new and familiar songs. Of course, the song Divisoria kept my head bobbing.

Thanks to Jing Garcia (the man!), Melvin Calimag (the brains!) and Cez Rodriguez (editor), who made this affair possible –not to mention the book that I hope you’re holding now as you read this. We also want to extend our thanks to Events@work, our events coordinator, and sponsors (you know who you are ;-)). The moral support from friends and fans was also heart-warming.

I believe we will all remain fans.

I still remember the first time I was approached about this project. I had doubts that I could even write an interesting article about the band that influenced much of my growing years. More than a year later, here it was! Congratulations to everyone!

Do I hear a book 2?

(UPDATE): The word is out. People are buying the book. And people, including contributing writer Chong Ardivilla, are blogging about it. See this video clip of Cambio performing live during the launch.

Book launch na (di sya reunion concert)

Event: Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads” Book Launch
Venue: Powerbooks Live! 2nd Level Greenbelt 4, Makati City
Event Date : February 28, 2007 Wednesday
Event Time : 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
(will start promptly)
Book Title : “Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the
Eraserheads” compiled by Melvin Garcia and Jing Garcia

Nasa Philmusic.com tayo

Mukhang di na tayo makakaurong, hehe. This book has been featured in Philmusic.com, an online music website. Na-interview si Jing Garcia ni Jim Ayson who wrote the story. Just to clarify, hindi lang mga miyembro ng Cyberpress or mga technology journalists ang writers sa book. Madami pang iba coming from different backgrounds. Meron kaming lawyer, artists, business reporter, poet, Mensa member, motoring journalist, and other non-techie writers. Me isa pa nga taga-US. What made this book great is (ehem, ehem) the guiding spirit of the Eraserheads. We all share the love for their music. In fact, kung titingnan nyo birth certificates namin, eh…hehehe. Wag na lang baka magkabistuhan pa, di ba Jing?

The book is scheduled to launch of Feb. 28 sa Makati. For space constraints and due to limited sitting capacity, we can only accomodate a few people…(lalo na yung bibili ng sampu or mahigit!!! heh). We have more details on where to find the book here soon.

Mabuhay kayong lahat! Rock and Roll hanggang umaga!