A fan reminisces

Isang kapwa E-heads fan ang nagsulat tungkol sa book. Salamat sa Extra Gulong blog.


i finally have my own copy of tikman ang langit:an anthology on the eraserheads. i spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning reading it. it was mixed emotions. i was able to relate to the articles because i was once an eheads fan. i felt happy reminiscing the “glory” days, and sad, at the same time, knowing that those days will never happen again.


Madami na excited sa libro

I’ve found this blog, citing the availability of the book in some bookstores. Maraming salamat.

Nag blog kami at concert para ke Ely

Isa na naman na event na na-miss ko. Pero buti na lang maraming nag-blog about the liveEly, a concert tribute for the frontman of the Eraserheads. 😉 Eto isang article na sinulat ni Jim Ayson tungkol sa surprise visitor sa benefit concert.

Si Joey Alarilla, nakahanap pa ng ibang mga nag-blog (eto pa isa tungkol dun sa munti naming get together or “EB” for short. Ayaw ko ng ulitin yung mga nasabi nya. Pero nais kulang banggitin na maganda yung kanyang latest discovery. Madami talagang information about the E-heads sa Internet. I-Google n’yo and find out. Actually tungkol dyan yung essay ko sa book, hehehe. Basta bili kayo upang malaman nyo ang detalye. Ang sumusunod ay linya galing sa blog ni Chong Ardivilla, isa sa mga contributors sa book:

I just thought of the irony of this situation. I worked with this irritating bitch before who is obsessed by the Eraserheads. If there was a groupie, it would be her alongside her hideous hag friends…one is cross-eyed who likes to wear hot pants showing off the dark lines of her buttocks, the other one is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 300 lbs and would strip of her shirt (and she did!) showing off her bra that could be a sail for a yatch. Anyway, these bitches ADORE … LOVE …. GET AROUSED BY …. LACTATE FOR …. OVULATE FOR …. the Eraserheads. When I was working with them (I called them Macbeth’s witches) they were moaning and gabbing at the office. They told me I should draw the band their caricatures.

I just raised an eyebrow and went on with my work.

Here’s an interesting discovery.