The closest thing to an E-heads reunion

Marcus Adoro jams with Cambio

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the book launch. It was the “closest thing to an E-heads reunion,” as one journalists described it.

Buddy Zabala, Raymund (Raimund) Marasigan and Marcus Adoro were together again finally after years of separation. Not as a band, mind you but as a group of mature musicians who still share the same passion for music.

Adoro with his band Marcus Highway gave visitors, the book’s contributors, and guests an afternoon treat, playing acoustic renditions of their original songs. “Drive through,” a fast rock song played mostly with quick power chord transitions reminded me of Green Day. Adoro who looked like the modern day Bob Dylan rendered slow acoustic jams love, frustration, and angst. At the end of the jam, fans swarmed to get his autograph (including me of course).

Check out this video from

About 50 or so people attended the event with a few coming in and out. A lot of the Powerbook’s patrons were surely curious about all the noise emanating from one corner of the bookstore. The launch happened in Powerbooks Live! in Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. Lei Bautista of Prettier Than Pink did a Joni Mitchell playing an old Eraserheads songs “Without A Smile” alone with her guitar and lovely voice.

Cambio — a super band that includes former E-heads members Buddy Zabala and Raymund Marasigan, also played some new and familiar songs. Of course, the song Divisoria kept my head bobbing.

Thanks to Jing Garcia (the man!), Melvin Calimag (the brains!) and Cez Rodriguez (editor), who made this affair possible –not to mention the book that I hope you’re holding now as you read this. We also want to extend our thanks to Events@work, our events coordinator, and sponsors (you know who you are ;-)). The moral support from friends and fans was also heart-warming.

I believe we will all remain fans.

I still remember the first time I was approached about this project. I had doubts that I could even write an interesting article about the band that influenced much of my growing years. More than a year later, here it was! Congratulations to everyone!

Do I hear a book 2?

(UPDATE): The word is out. People are buying the book. And people, including contributing writer Chong Ardivilla, are blogging about it. See this video clip of Cambio performing live during the launch.



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