Eraserheads on Wikipedia

Sobrang sipag talaga ng mga tao sa Wikipedia. Mantakin mo, yung recent na balita na na-heart attack si Ely ay nasa Wikipedia entry on the Eraserheads. Galing talaga. I salute the people working on the wiki entry about the band. If you would do a search on Google, the Eraserheads’ wikipedia entry is  on top of the search results.

Eto yung bagong entry, kasama pa citations or links to the basis of the entries. Galing, galing.

On Sunday, January 7, 2007, Buendia suffered a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction secondary to arterial blockage. Buendia was reportedly in the middle of a song during Pupil’s gig in Laguna when he felt a sudden pain in his chest and left arm. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors performed an emergency angioplasty on him. Buendia’s condition was confirmed stable the same night.[5] A second angioplasty operation was conducted on Buendia on January 10, 2007. The operation was successful, and he is reportedly secured from having heart attack recurrence.[6]

Eto pa isang interesting addititon to the Eraserheads wiki. Apparently si Francis M. (aka FM or Francis Magalona) wrote an entry in his multiply blog calling for a possible reunion concert. Pero kapag i-check mo yung link back to the entry, it was missing or deleted(?). Pero sa bilis ng mga mata at kamay ng mga wikipedians, eto na capture pa nila yung mga kataga ni Francis, “Philippines Idol judge,” M.

This event also prompted rapper Francis Magalona who is a longtime friend of Buendia and the other Eraserheads, to state the following on his personal blog: “Fast forward to right now, 9:58 am, Jan. 9, alot of what ifs scenarios pop in my head. What if the E-heads members are back, like long-lost blood brothers? What if “the most significant OPM band of Pinoy Rock” would be in one room, what would happen?” And in postscript he adds, “Para sa akin panahon na para mag-reunite ang E-heads. Sugod na mga kapatid…rock & roll na hanggang umaga.” which roughly translates, “For me, it’s time for E-Heads to reunite. Let’s go brothers…rock & roll until morning.”[1]

Ang tanong bakit binura ni FM yung comments nya sa blog niya?


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