Nag blog kami at concert para ke Ely

Isa na naman na event na na-miss ko. Pero buti na lang maraming nag-blog about the liveEly, a concert tribute for the frontman of the Eraserheads. 😉 Eto isang article na sinulat ni Jim Ayson tungkol sa surprise visitor sa benefit concert.

Si Joey Alarilla, nakahanap pa ng ibang mga nag-blog (eto pa isa tungkol dun sa munti naming get together or “EB” for short. Ayaw ko ng ulitin yung mga nasabi nya. Pero nais kulang banggitin na maganda yung kanyang latest discovery. Madami talagang information about the E-heads sa Internet. I-Google n’yo and find out. Actually tungkol dyan yung essay ko sa book, hehehe. Basta bili kayo upang malaman nyo ang detalye. Ang sumusunod ay linya galing sa blog ni Chong Ardivilla, isa sa mga contributors sa book:

I just thought of the irony of this situation. I worked with this irritating bitch before who is obsessed by the Eraserheads. If there was a groupie, it would be her alongside her hideous hag friends…one is cross-eyed who likes to wear hot pants showing off the dark lines of her buttocks, the other one is 4 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 300 lbs and would strip of her shirt (and she did!) showing off her bra that could be a sail for a yatch. Anyway, these bitches ADORE … LOVE …. GET AROUSED BY …. LACTATE FOR …. OVULATE FOR …. the Eraserheads. When I was working with them (I called them Macbeth’s witches) they were moaning and gabbing at the office. They told me I should draw the band their caricatures.

I just raised an eyebrow and went on with my work.

Here’s an interesting discovery.


Mga litrato

Eto yung mga litrato nung kami’y nagkita upang makilala din namin yung ibang mga contributors sa libro. Si Joey Alarilla (simula sa kaliwa) , Chong Ardivilla , at Faye Ilogon.


Si Julio dela Cruz Jr. (sa kaliwa) at kanyang asawa, Jing Garcia, Joel Pinaroc (medyo natatakpan), Dimpy Jazminez, at si Jing Gaddi (naputol sa litrato).


Eto na ang mga detalye

Si Joey Alarilla, isa sa mga contributors sa anthology, ay nag-blog tungkol sa book (kasama photo-op, hehe). Basahin nyo dito sa kanyang Babel Machine blog. Si Erwin Oliva din po — isa ding contributor, sumunod at nag-announce din sa blog nya. Eto galing ke Joey:

Just got back from the dinner/EB with the other writers behind “Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads,” where we got our copies of the book and many of us met each other in real life for the first time.

That’s me (left) with fellow writers Chong Ardivilla (center) and Faye Ilogon at Gerry’s Grill in Makati City. My essay is “The Long Goodbye.” Our other comrades-in-letters who contributed essays to this anthology are: Abigail Ho, Claire Maneja, Edwin Sallan, Erwin Oliva, Jing Gaddi, Jing Garcia, Joel Pinaroc, Julio de la Cruz Jr., Marco Abella, Vernon Sarne and Vincent Batacan.

The anthology was edited by Ces Rodriguez and compiled by Melvin Calimag and Jing Garcia, with a foreword by UP professor Robin Rivera, the producer of the Eraserheads’ first albums, and a poem/introduction by Mensa Philippines president Dimpy Jazmines.

Oh, and blurbs by Eric Caruncho, Lourd de Veyra and Jessica Zafra. Wow, let me say that again, Eric Caruncho, Lourd de Veyra and Jessica Zafra. Whew!

The cover design is by Gino Borja, and the book features pictures from the collection of Jing Garcia and Dodong Viray, including never-before-seen photos.

Salamat ke Janette Toral sa pag-plug ng libro namin.

Early years of E-heads on YouTube

We stumbled upon these interesting video clips of E-heads, which feature the band live and exclusive interviews with the  band and also the people behind them. Eto yung sabi ni Kenneth 0420, isang estudyante sa Novaliches, QC, na nag-post ng video:

Eraserheads Story Part One Plus Torpedo!
Exclusive Interview Eraserheads! may part two pa yan! Nood na lang kyo… o kaya email me @ tska lagay kyo comments… salamat! thanks!”

Maraming salamat dito Kenneth. Mabuhay ka.

Eto yung part 1:

Yung part 2:

Eraserheads on Wikipedia

Sobrang sipag talaga ng mga tao sa Wikipedia. Mantakin mo, yung recent na balita na na-heart attack si Ely ay nasa Wikipedia entry on the Eraserheads. Galing talaga. I salute the people working on the wiki entry about the band. If you would do a search on Google, the Eraserheads’ wikipedia entry is  on top of the search results.

Eto yung bagong entry, kasama pa citations or links to the basis of the entries. Galing, galing.

On Sunday, January 7, 2007, Buendia suffered a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction secondary to arterial blockage. Buendia was reportedly in the middle of a song during Pupil’s gig in Laguna when he felt a sudden pain in his chest and left arm. He was rushed to a hospital where doctors performed an emergency angioplasty on him. Buendia’s condition was confirmed stable the same night.[5] A second angioplasty operation was conducted on Buendia on January 10, 2007. The operation was successful, and he is reportedly secured from having heart attack recurrence.[6]

Eto pa isang interesting addititon to the Eraserheads wiki. Apparently si Francis M. (aka FM or Francis Magalona) wrote an entry in his multiply blog calling for a possible reunion concert. Pero kapag i-check mo yung link back to the entry, it was missing or deleted(?). Pero sa bilis ng mga mata at kamay ng mga wikipedians, eto na capture pa nila yung mga kataga ni Francis, “Philippines Idol judge,” M.

This event also prompted rapper Francis Magalona who is a longtime friend of Buendia and the other Eraserheads, to state the following on his personal blog: “Fast forward to right now, 9:58 am, Jan. 9, alot of what ifs scenarios pop in my head. What if the E-heads members are back, like long-lost blood brothers? What if “the most significant OPM band of Pinoy Rock” would be in one room, what would happen?” And in postscript he adds, “Para sa akin panahon na para mag-reunite ang E-heads. Sugod na mga kapatid…rock & roll na hanggang umaga.” which roughly translates, “For me, it’s time for E-Heads to reunite. Let’s go brothers…rock & roll until morning.”[1]

Ang tanong bakit binura ni FM yung comments nya sa blog niya?

Eraserheads and their music

We are all influenced by the music of Eraserheads, one way or another. In fact we all have our own favorite songs from numerous albums they released over the years.

This blog is an extension of a new book set to be released next month,  dubbed Tikman ang Langit: An Anthology of the Eraserheads compiled by Melvin Calimag and Jing Garcia and edited by Cez Rodriguez. It also features a foreward by Robin Rivera responsible with the recording of the band’s first album, Pop-U.

In the next few days, we will be revealing more details about the book. That’s it for now. Keep a close watch of this blog.