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Hey this is big leap on a review about the book

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Another glowing book review

I was recently pointed to this glowing review of Tikman Ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads. It was written by Rome Jorge.


There was a time when being a rocker meant something. You had to have balls, because it meant being an outcast. No one understood us. We, too, didn’t understand it much ourselves at the time. It was simply who we were.

Thirty bucks and a weapon search got you into Red Rocks where the toilet beside the stage always was rank, the plump girl in Goth gear always danced by herself and there would always be some punk who would get his head smashed. Bands that knew how to play their instruments were rare those days and bands that dared play their songs were even rarer. Local acts didn’t much airplay on popular radio stations back then. The only recordings you could get were musical compilations and underground audio tapes of punk bands from the Twisted Red Cross label.

Just a minor correction though. My surname is spelled as Oliva and not Olivia 😉


Settling on “Tikman” over YB3

This is a heartwarming review from one reader who revealed she had to settle for this book over Youngblood 3!


Bought this last Saturday, but before I shelled out my P180, I was actually torn between this one and “Young Blood 3.” After much thought, I settled on “Tikman.” Para kasing di ko pa kayang basahin yung “YB, ” what with all the I-wish-I-was-there feelings it would surely bring (nice cover, though).

As soon as I went home from SM Manila, I launched into an uninterrupted Eheads reading overdrive, relishing word for word–and even smiling like an idiot at some point.

I know that this entry should be put in the Review category, but I realized that writing an objective analysis of a book about the Eraserheads just wouldn’t be possible. I love–and terribly miss–the band so much that I just can’t say anything bad about them.

We’re on Wikipedia!

I still can’t believe it. But this is what Wikipedia is all about. It is your real-time history book. It will not miss developments about certain topics, personalities, and in this case, a popular Filipino band in the 1990s. Someone out there will eventually add information to it. Curiously, I went to check the Eraserheads on Wikipedia. And viola, there it was, a long entry on the launch of this book with annotations. Based on Wikipedia’s history, it was Perryv who made this entry. Thanks a lot, and I hope they find this blog soon, haha.

On February 28, 2007, the official launch of the book Tikman Ang Langit: An Anthology on the Eraserheads (2007) was held at the second level of Powerbooks bookstore in Greenbelt 3, Makati City.[19][20] The launch was accompanied by acoustic performances by Cambio (whose members include Raimund Marasigan, Buddy Zabala and Kris Gorra-Dancel), Markus Hiway (Marcus Adoro’s band), and Lei Bautista of Prettier Than Pink.[19] The performers covered Eraserheads songs such as “Ligaya” (performed by Lei Bautista),[21] “With A Smile” (also performed by Bautista)[21] and “Magasin” (performed by Cambio with Marcus Adoro).[19] The event was dubbed a mini-reunion of the Eraserheads, with Marasigan, Zabala and Adoro performing together for the first time in four years.[19] Ely Buendia did not attend because of a scheduled meeting with his surgeon and the manufacturers of the stents in his heart.[20] The launch was attended by around 50 people.[19]

Tikman ang Langit is a collection of essays about the Eraserheads originally written by fourteen journalists who are mostly fans of the band.[19][20] The book itself was compiled by Melvin Calimag and Jing Garcia, with a foreword by Eraserheads producer Robin Rivera.[19][22] Tikman Ang Langit is considered to be the first published material about any Filipino band in the Philippines.[19]

Madami pa din nag-rereview ng book

Nakuha ko itong listahan ng reviews of the book from Melvin Calimag, one the brains behind this book. Salamat pre!

Here’s one from Rockisnotdead:

This collection of essays about the band that won the hearts of millions not by their looks or their gimmicks, but by their music is surely one hell of a read. There were even bits of information which I read from book that surprised me. I mean, I know a lot about the Eraserheads, but I was startled about the new stuff I read about them. And if the memoirs of these selected fans weren’t enough, check out the pictures. It’s one thing to see Sugar Raims now, but it’s another thing to see him back then. Haha. Truly one great read. I promise that the P180 you spent on this book will surely be returned to you. Get your copy now.

You can also read some fans talking about the book here and here.

on multiply[ing]

I discovered this “dirty little treasures of a pleasure pet” doing a quick review  of the book! Thanks a lot!


i have already read this book and i think it’s great! kahit na… i was still a toddler then nung eheads era (i was born in 1991).. i can really relate to the essays on this book kasi nga like them.. i’m a fan… i think they’re right when they said na though they (the band) had already disbanded and pursued different paths.. that doesn’t mean that the music’s gone… it lives on in the hearts of their undying fans… the songs of eraserheads were the soundtracks of their lives… i want those to be my life’s soundtracks too.. 😀

i recommend this book to all eheads fans! pati na din sa mga hindi fans… wee…

We’re on Friendster

Si Abi Ho, kapwa contributor sa Tikman Ang Langit, ang nagbalita nito.

check this out:

i don’t know this girl. i just came across her
friendster page while googling mentions of our book in cyberspace. what do you know? nagiging favorite book na tayo ng mga tao! hehe.

Ayon sa kanyang profile, s’ya po ay si mAits dOs- ocampo, 18 years old at isang musikero. Mabuhay ka mAits! Sana dumami pa kayo. hehe.

A fan reminisces

Isang kapwa E-heads fan ang nagsulat tungkol sa book. Salamat sa Extra Gulong blog.


i finally have my own copy of tikman ang langit:an anthology on the eraserheads. i spent Saturday night and early Sunday morning reading it. it was mixed emotions. i was able to relate to the articles because i was once an eheads fan. i felt happy reminiscing the “glory” days, and sad, at the same time, knowing that those days will never happen again.

Review ng libro

Sa isang katulad ko na “hindi talaga fan ng E-heads,” ang latest review ng Tikman ng Langit ay isang eye-opener. Sige aaminin ko na. Masyado akong exposed sa Western music noon kaya “Puro quotation lang ng nabasa nya sa mga website na nakita nya. Natural, dahil hindi naman sya fan ng E-heads.” Salamat sa honest opinion mo. Natumbok mo, pre or mare (ano ba talaga?). Pero talagang natuwa ang mga nagbuo ng libro at very honest ka sa iyong pagpuna ng libro. Okay yan. At least na-promote mo pa din kami 😉

Ang tanong ko lang, eh, sino ba si Boy Dapa?

Sa totoo lang, madami ang nagtataka bakit kami pa ang napili na magsulat ng anthology tungkol sa bandang ito. Well, I was at the right place at the right time. Swerte talaga. Wala lang. Anyway, salamat uli sa mga bumili ng libro. Ito ay available sa Powerbooks.

Si Marcus ulit sa YouTube

Araw-araw madami akong nakikita ng mga nagpopost ng kanilang first-hand witnessing ng book launch. Katulad nitong YouTube video ng tugtugan ng Marcus Highway. Galing!

At eto yung Cambio playing “Magasin” with Marcus Adoro.

Same video pero iba kumuha.